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Bible Study & Exposition

Bible Interpretation & Hermeneutics

Courses I - II

A course examining the principles and practice of biblical interpretation as well as the primary tools of biblical research. The student will become acquainted with the history of interpretation and a defense of the literal-historical-grammatical approach. Hermeneutical strategies will be used to interpret various literary genres, analyze structural relationships, perform word studies, and develop principles for accurate practical application.

Introduction to Hebrew

Course I

Students will learn to identify the shape and the related sound of letters of the Hebrew alphabet and vowel points. Students will also be introduced to the process of transliteration for writing out the sounds of words to aid pronunciation. Various words and grammatical guidelines will be presented for use in translation.

Old Testament Overview

Course I

In this course students will be presented with an overall introduction of the Old Testament. It will teach on the basic theme, key scriptures, and purpose of Old Testament. It will also cover basic information about book grouping, and key words. The information covered in this course will be key to gaining a deeper and richer understanding of the Old Testament.


Course I

Preaching is the divinely ordained presentation of the gospel and gives people a sense of the presence and the purpose of God. While Hermeneutics is rooted in the correct interpretation (i.e. science) of the word, homiletics deals with the sermon as an event and its delivery (ie the Art). Many in today’s churches forgo homiletics or style and thereby miss the opportunity to help facilitate true life change or they find themselves patterned to style thereby confusing style with doctrine. The juxtaposition of  Science and Art is necessary to deliver sermons with power and skill to create a platform from God to bring change.

New Testament Overview

Course I

In this course students will be presented with an overall introduction of the New Testament. It will teach on the basic theme, key scriptures, and purpose of every New Testament book, and will cover details about the writer, historical and geographical context. Knowledge about the audience, letter grouping, the inter testament period, key words and their definition will be significant information taught in this course. The content covered, will be key to gaining a deeper and richer understanding of the New Testament.

The Moeds (Feasts) of the Lord

Course I

Students will learn about the Moeds (Feasts) or appointments of the LORD specifically mentioned in Leviticus 23. We will learn both the physical and spiritual concepts of the Moeds. We will learn the prophetic concepts and how they relate to major events concerning Jesus. 

Business & Finance

Taking Your Mountain

Course I

In this class students will be introduced to seven mountains which include Family, Academics, Religion, Business, Government, Art & Entertainments, and Media. These mountains influence each and every one of our lives every day. Each person has been gifted and called by God to stand on their wall of influence and take the territory of one or more of these mountains. Students will learn to identify each one and how we can correctly impact the world around us for God’s Kingdom purposes. 

Laws of Increase

Course I - II

This course helps students understand biblical stewardship principles as a basis for encouraging Christian generosity. Students will explore the Scriptures alongside theological and professional writings to develop a personal philosophy of stewardship. Students will be guided through the Bible's teaching on money while covering a wide variety of topics including: debt and investments, laziness and diligence, and tithing. The course consists of lectures, videos, selected readings from the Bible, and a final self-evaluation and budgeting.


The Art of Following 101

Courses I - II

Art is defined as a skill acquired by experience, study or observation. This class reveals robust and actionable answers to many of the pressing questions concerning ministry. It is a blunt and raw look into what it takes to pay the price to have successful ministries. Whether you are supporting in the Helps Ministry, or moving into the Five-Fold Leadership, this will help prepare you and those who support and help you for lasting ministry. 


Course I

This course is designed to learn and understand how important honor is to God. To honor God and His Word can release the flow of His blessings in our life. I Samuel 2:30 says, “Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained.” Lack of honor will restrict that which belongs to us as children of God. We will explore greater revelation of honor that allows God to openly honor us, and release His blessings into the lives of the believer!

The Art of Following 201: Ministerial Ethics

Courses I - II

The word ethics actually means ‘a discipline dealing with what is good and right’. It is a set of moral principles or values. Ministerial Ethics is a course that will help the minister develop a consciousness of ethical behavior within the church, with its members, and more importantly within the confines of their peers and other leaders of the church. By taking this course, we will be one step closer to ensuring that the integrity of the student can take him as far as God wants him to go. It is through ministerial ethics and integrity that the minister will grow and develop his reputation, and it is upon this reputation that he will either stand or fall. Our hope is that the minister, with the help of the Holy Ghost, be found blameless through his conduct and behavior. 

Marriage & The Family

Course I

This course addresses marriage and family relationships. Attention is given to family issues such as parenting, finances, and conflict management. Emphasis is placed on the value and sacredness of a strong, healthy God honoring marriage and family.


Intimacy With God

Courses I - II

Intimacy with God is one of the most essential parts of our growth in our Christian walk. It is one that cannot be taken lightly or approached casually. In this class we will learn the process and the protocol of entering into the Presence of God and remaining there by practicing the continued Presence of The Holy Spirit in our lives; thereby growing closer to God to know His Voice and learning to be still in His Presence. 

Tabernacle of Prayer

Course Level I

All of us desire an effective prayer life. In this class, students will be introduced to the protocol and progression of prayer. This progression will lead Christians into a particular place to experience the presence of God and the power it will produce. His presence produces a passion within, and in the pursuit of God Christians become priests of His presence. This course will provide to students greater understanding of prayer as they journey through the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures that have been given as a blueprint for their lives. 

Effective Prayer

Course Level I

The Purpose of this course is to provide a foundational overview and explore the theological understanding of effective prayer. There are many misunderstandings on the subject of prayer. This course will seek to bring light and clarity to the foundation of prayer. We will expound on the proper doctrine as it relates to prayer. We will also expand on the preeminence of prayer and the role it plays in a believer’s life.



Course I

In this course students will learn about Israel and its future. It will include the prophesies concerning Israel as we research and read about this people and land. It will include the history of ancient Israel, The Second coming, The Millennium, and much more. Students will be taught the importance of Israel and their relationship to that nation. They will also get a better understanding of their own prophetic destinies.

The End Time Church

Course I

In this class we will explore America’s roots and determine if in fact America is a Christian Nation. From the days of The Pilgrims setting foot on Plymouth Rock, to the early days of the colonies, to the signing of the Constitution. We will explore our founding fathers and if they participated in Freemasonry, or if they were indeed men of the Christian faith. We will also evaluate Washington DC today and the infatuation of being open to the Occult. Lastly we will look at the Modern Church today and its New Age philosophy versus the Church during and after America’s birth and the significant role its plays in todays culture. 

Christian Basics


Course I

Many times as Christians, we do not realize that our conditions of life are not always our position. When we study the Word of God it is clear about who it says we are, what God says we can have, and what God truly says we can do. It is a must for every believer to understand who they are in Christ positionally, spiritually, and naturally. In this class, will help you discover who you are in Christ positionally so that by using your authority you will find the empowerment to change your life condition. 

Redemptive Realities

Courses I & II

This class deals largely with the truths found in the Epistles concerning the Gospel.  The Synoptic Gospels reveal the historical events of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection.  The Epistles however, contain the Pauline Revelation which are divine truths concerning the Gospel message and the events that took place behind the scenes concerning the redemptive work of the cross.  The Pauline Revelation reveals what is legally binding on our behalf, thus securing our redemption, in other words the legal side on the cross.


Course I

Healing tends to be a very controversial topic in many Christian circles. This class will take students through a line-upon-line expository and study of the Word of God concerning the subject of healing. It will be packed with revelation and truth concerning God’s will in the area of healing. You will learn the origin of sickness, the various ways God heals, and how the medical profession and its practices have biblical roots and should never be excluded from the healing process. 

Spiritual Growth

Course I

Spiritual development and growth is vital in the life of a Christian. In this course students will learn conceptual comparison of newborns - physically and spiritually. This class will define the growth necessary to take us from milk to meat. These lessons will sum up where we have begun, where we are today, and why it is important to continue our growth and mature spiritually in the Lord.

Foundations of Faith

Course I & II

Faith has been one of the most controversial subjects in Christian history. It has been abused, misused and often confused. This balanced line-upon-line class helps the believer explore what faith is, how to grow your faith, and how to get your faith to work in tough times.

Law and Grace

Course I

There are many questions about the TORAH and how it applies to the Believer’s life then and now. In this class we will discover the meaning and purpose of how it connects to Jesus, Salvation, Sin, Death and whether we should follow the TORAH today. We will study the difference between Law and Grace, and discover some interesting insight into the Controversial statements of Paul. We will cover several topics that include: The Wedding Contract, Israel’s constitution, Covenant to Israel, and how the TORAH reveals and leads to Messiah.


Strategic Synergy

Course I

In this class students will be introduced to valuable insights about synchronizing, syncopation and synergy, and horizontal-vertical alignments. Everything God has created is in strategic synergy and alignment. From the planets, to the stars, the plants, and animals, all are in divine alignment with the purposes of God. This course will bring to the forefront the most important spiritual principles required in the kingdom of God. Strategic synergy is the process of using your skill and knowledge in a collaborated working relationship with others. It will produce an in depth understanding to win and succeed in advancing and expanding the Kingdom of God.

The Compromising Church

Course I

In this class we will visit the current state of the Church in America as revealed in Revelation 2:12. This course will cover Counterfeit Doctrine and how it is influencing the modern church today. We will explore how society and culture have changed throughout the generations and have molded God to fit into their current worldview, political persuasion and sin nature due to the mistaken and misunderstood gospel of grace. Some topics will include the New Gospel of Accommodation and Compromise, New Age and Kundalini influence, Yoga, Soaking, and Fire tunnels. We will analyze the Church in detail from it’s leaders at the pulpit, Sunday praise and worship, and it’s people sitting in the pews. 


Course I

Spiritual problems can never be solved through natural means. Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus said he came that we may have life to the full. Many christians having gained heaven in the afterlife are living in hell on earth. This book will expose satan’s methodology of attack.  Billions have been made trying to feed the soul.   However Christians are taught little about protecting and the saving of their soul. This class brings light and revelation on Demonic oppression, depression, obsession, and possession to help pull back the veil and overcome the spiritual attack on and in our lives.

Chaplaincy Training

Course I

In this class students will be introduced to the role of a Chaplain.  Chaplains have been used since the earliest days of the Church in the First Century.  Chaplains bring the presence of Christ to persons and situations that are often inaccessible to traditional pastors, missionaries, and parachurch workers. Chaplaincy ministry ranges from battlefields to airfields, hospital rooms to break rooms, prison chapels to ships at sea. Though chaplains are often associated with military forces or  hospitals, they may also serve in a number of different situations, such as disaster relief (first responder), corporate, fire departments, police departments, airports, race tracks, sports teams, nursing homes, hospice, and correctional institutions.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Course 1

This course will provide teaching about the person of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirt, and His gifts. The class will describe the nine gifts with their function and purpose, and students will learn about the gifts in the church, in daily life, and in their sphere of influence. Learn how to pray for others, and how to step out in the gifts by faith.

The Person and Ministry of the Holy Ghost

Course I

This course will be an examination that concisely defines the particular ministry and person of the Holy Spirit. 


Course I

According to The Joshua Project research, there are 16,825 people groups across the globe.  Sadly, 6,989 people groups have not yet been reached with the Gospel. We call these Unreached People Groups (UPG’s). This doesn’t always mean they don’t have a Christian church. It may mean they don’t know a Christian or they’ve never heard of Jesus and that He loves them.  This course will unfold the need of reaching the nations to the many strategies Holy Spirit is using to take the Gospel across cultures. Jesus spoke of the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son. Why? Because he is distracted with the lost. So they must be on our radar in these last days as well. To reach the UPG’s you can go to the nations, or in your own neighborhood. From the largest ethnic group in the world (450 million Arabs), to the 8,000 Faroese, or to the one left alone by the side of the road. Just go…and make disciples of all nations. 

The Anointing

Courses I & II

“The Anointing” is defined as the yoke-destroying, burden-removing power of God. Often, ministers and ministries try to fabricate and/or imitate the anointing. This course will take you to new heights and bring new revelation unlike anything you've witnessed before! It will help you identify the genuine anointing from the fake. Sensationalism and witchcraft can cloud the authentic moving of the anointing, causing people to seek the spectacular and miss the supernatural. This course will really analyze “The Anointing”, how it functions and how you can learn to flow with it. You will step into spiritual realms that you've never partaken of before! 


Course I & II

This course will be an introduction to basic concepts and distinctive features of Biblical Counseling. Throughout this course, the students will gain knowledge of the nature, purpose, and context of biblical counseling. They will have a greater understanding of what the influences and events are that shape hearts and lives of people both in a positive and negative way. The course will also offer the student an understanding of the addiction cycle and relapse prevention to better equip them as they counsel those dealing with these issues.

Tabernacle of Moses & The Believer's Walk

Course I

Students will learn the layout and description of vessels in Moses’ Tabernacle and its application to a believer’s walk. Salvation and Kingdom principles will be discussed as they relate to the Tabernacle furniture and one’s own spiritual journey.

Cults and Religion

Course I

Cults and World Religions is an apologetics class to help acquaint Christians with several of the major religious groups that one will likely encounter from time to time. This course will embrace two major topics: (1) cults, and (2) major world religions. Knowing what another person believes and why that person holds those beliefs can be very helpful when seeking to lead another person to Jesus Christ. While this additional knowledge is by no means a prerequisite for evangelism, it is clearly a helpful tool for evangelism. To accomplish this first objective, the professor will expose the students to the major issues on each group: origin, founder, major viewpoints, and major theological deviations. A second objective that is tied to the primary objective is to build upon the biblical knowledge of the student and to provide a systematic understanding of key biblical principles regarding the Gospel message. This course is built on the assumption that a thorough knowledge of the Bible and its theological truths is the best way for helping those who are in false religions.

Understanding the Five Fold Ministry

Course I

This course is designed to teach the importance of the Five - Fold Ministry of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Ephesians 4:11 gives reference to each one and the reason they are needed in the body of Christ. We will discover the role and function of each one and how they are used to equip the believer for the work of the ministry, edify the body of Christ, bring unity of the faith, provide knowledge and maturity to the believer.

Breakthrough Anointing

Course 1

This course will provide spiritual principles and strategies for living a life with spiritual power. During this course, the student will learn effective ways to break through in areas of their lives. They will learn how to walk in agreement with the heart and Word of God to fulfill their personal destinies.

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