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Is an Online Degree Expensive?

Tuition is fairly simple and is the same for both on-campus and online students. Our flexible financing options and the availability of in need- and merit-based scholarships and grants make getting your education more affordable than ever. You’ll be able to start your education with an easy financial plan in place.

Will I Earn a Diploma?

Yes, you will earn a real diploma.

Will I Participate in a Graduation Ceremony?

Yes, you will be expected to participate in your graduation ceremony at LPCU's Main Campus with the rest of your in-class and online classmates.

(Exceptions will be considered as warranted.)

Get Started NOW!

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Tips for Success:

  • Confirm all technical requirements; online classes can benefit students! 

  • Connect with instructors early; instructors are available to help throughout the courses.

  • Create a schedule; our quality courses are easy to navigate and have clear expectations.

  • Stay organized; for online courses, students may have to find their own ways to stay on top of their work.


Technologies You Should Have: 

  • A printer. 

  • Tools for easy bibliographies; is one product available to help with bibliography formatting. Other tools for making bibliographies include BibMe and NoodleTools.

  • In-browser PDF viewer add-on for your web browser.

  • Note-taking software; Evernote and Microsoft's OneNote allow users to take, share, and archive notes.

  • Earphones.

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