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Welcome to the LPCU Student Handbook and Catalog. We are very excited to present our university to you. Many of the most prestigious universities began Christian based. Over time they have become less committed to their Christian values and more focused on secular ideology and monetary gain.

LPCU stands firm in its commitment to our Motto:

“Lux, Veritas, et Munera Christo et Ecclesiae”

Truth, Light, and Gifts, for Christ and the Church

We remain committed to bringing you the best content, consistent and sound biblical doctrine, and proven teaching techniques to ensure the highest quality education all the while maintaining affordability, so that all who desire a degree may accomplish the vision God has given them.

Credit Transfers

LPCU accepts credits from other recognized educational institutions. These credits accepted must be from classes that correspond to classes in the applicant’s desired degree program. Determination of accepted credits will be considered during the admission evaluation process.

Life Experience Credit

One of the benefits of a non-traditional study program is the freedom to acknowledge ministerial experience that you bring to Life Point Christian University. A student may include ministerial experience information on their application. An evaluation will be made of your experience. A maximum number of credits may be applied to satisfy your requirements for a degree in our standard program. The maximum number is 30 for undergraduate and 10 for graduate and above. In our nonacademic program, credits may be applied to reduce the number of pages required for that program. Please note that credits may be applied only once in a student’s academic career. That is, a student who receives LE Credits for an undergraduate program may not receive LE Credits for subsequent programs (e.g., graduate or doctorate).

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