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Life Point Christian University is an Accredited Member through Transworld Accrediting Association International, 9085 California Ave., Riverside, CA 92503, for the purpose of awarding degrees through the doctorate level. TACI is an independent accrediting agency that helps religious organizations obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. All TACI member schools accept credit from other member schools if the credits apply to their programs (

This form of ministry accreditation is not recognized by the United States Department of Education, but is recognized by most churches and ministry organizations.

Notice Regarding National/Regional Accreditation

LPCU is not nationally/regionally accredited. Although we are confident in our accountability through TACI accreditation, LPCU has not sought to become regionally accredited yet. We may seek regional accreditation in the future.

We have decided to start with theological accreditation first. National/ Regional accreditation would involve coming under governmental regulations that may not be in harmony with our view of biblical ethics and principles. To come under such control, which is not required by law or necessary to remain accountable, we feel could impede our ability to follow the specific calling of our Lord to equip leaders in His church. We will continue to evaluate this in line with the vision of The University.

It is important for the potential student to know that some educational institutions require that any credits transferred to said institution come from a regionally accredited school. Also, many state agencies require a degree from a regionally or nationally accredited school to receive certification.

LPCU has no control over what other institutions or agencies accept. The potential student is strongly encouraged to discuss with the LPCU staff how they plan to use their degree.

Academic Excellence

Life Point Christian University is committed to providing higher education. Our concern for academic excellence emanates from the belief that Christian higher education should be superior, not inferior, to that provided by other colleges and universities. The University feels that anything less than this is not to the glory of God. Therefore, every effort is made to provide the academic excellence worthy of a university dedicated to the Lord and necessary for the education of those preparing for service to the Lord in the days to come.

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