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Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are also often referred to as “merit” scholarships. These are for the students with the 4.0 GPAs, years as part of several extracurricular activities and the well- rounded applications. These can exceed the limits referenced above and can include full ride scholarships. Must demonstrate previous academic excellence.

Creative Arts Scholarships

For those artistic at heart, there are creative scholarships available to help you pursue your passion. Art scholarships, music scholarships and even dance scholarships involve an audition of some sort and are awarded only to those who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill in some

area of the arts.

Partial Scholarships

Partial Scholarships are awarded by percentage of tuition up to 50%.

Work Study Scholarships

The Work Study Program awards a percentage of their funding to students performing university volunteer work in exchange for reduction in tuition and/or fees.

Church Service Scholarship

Church Service Scholarships are fantastic for those that love to give to others and give back to their local church by means of their volunteer service.


  1. Demonstrated financial need: All students who are encountering financial difficulties are eligible to apply.

  2. Full-time students with a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA.

  3. New students are eligible to apply for the Work- Study Scholarship.

  4. Students will be required to participate in the Work Exchange Program.


In order to continue receiving awards during each term, students must be enrolled for a full year course of study (minimum 32 credits for undergraduate students or 30 credits for graduate students) and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion.

  • Each award is for one academic year only.

  • Renewal is NOT automatic and students must apply every year.

  • All payments for Student Tuition MUST be paid on time, every month, for the duration of the payment contract.

  • Student MUST maintain an average 3.0 GPA throughout the academic year.

Failure to maintain any of the above eligibility requirements will result in disqualification from the Scholarship Program.

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