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  • Does LPCU offer certification programs? (i.e., Chaplaincy, Counseling, Ordination)"
    Yes, we do offer specific certification programs for Chaplaincy and Counseling. However, it will require a combination of online and in-class work. If you are looking to work with private institutions, those institutions want to know that you are qualified. LPCU can certify you for that purpose upon completion of our required coursework. However, we do want you to know that certain organizations are certification/degree mills and all you have to do is pay them for certification without advanced training.
  • Does LPCU offer financial aid or scholarships?
    Yes. Our founder made a conscious decision to make higher education affordable. We offer scholarships and support as well as strive to be consistently lower in fees and tuition costs than any comparable school out there, yet we provide a superior education. Sometimes it may seem too good to be true, but have you ever had a time where you looked back on a purchase and thought, "that was the best money I've ever spent."? This is one of those times.
  • Does LPCU offer General Studies with course work? (Pre-Requisites)
    At LPCU our focus is to train up Bible-believing Christ followers to make a difference and impact for God in this world. Unless you are applying for a specific trade position, most hiring managers are not looking at the field of your education, but your resolve and the stick-to-itiveness to fulfill the requirements of a higher institution and the commitment to finish. The reality is that the world is changing so fast that most disciplines in terms of education have changed drastically and by the time you graduate, they become obsolete. We educate people in the timeless and unchanging truths of God and equip you for eternity, not merely a job.
  • Is LPCU Accredited and do credits transfer to other institutions?
    LPCU has accreditation through Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI). Secular accreditation is necessary primarily for student aid— to borrow money to pay for school. It also becomes a cyclical problem because secular accreditation is so expensive that it forces the schools to raise their prices, hence they need loans to pay for it. The truth is accreditation was supposed to ensure that a higher standard of quality exists and that institutions are held to that higher standard. We are accredited by the same private accrediting commission that credits such schools as Kenneth Copeland Bible College, Rhema Bible Training Center, Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools, and Rodney Howard-Browne’s River Bible Institute. Our credits are fully transferrable to every Transworld accredited school (and there are hundreds around the world!) With TACI, we maintain their highest level of accreditation, with “Fully Accredited” member status— which is an accredited institution that has satisfactorily met all standards and is required to report annually. We make it a point to maintain private accreditation for two reasons: So that we are free to educate and develop curriculum using the unadulterated Word of God without State and Federal input and control of how much God we can teach. To keep the cost low so that our students are not graduating riddled with debt. We offer a full range of degrees from Associates to Doctoral, as well as an online campus for those who travel frequently or relocate. LPCU is the total package when it comes to degrees and can offer all levels to graduate level completion. On occasion, we have also had students graduate with their degree and pursue different fields of study at different institutions on the rare occasions that it is needed. We strive to stay flexible so that everyone has an opportunity to pursue a Higher Education.
  • Can LPCU work with my schedule, and are students allowed to move ahead to finish faster?"
    Life Point has made it our mission to be flexible and to make college possible for all those who want it. Keeping up with the current times and technology, we can work with you and create a hybrid course schedule, creating a viable solution that is simple yet effective for your personal needs. If you want a higher education, collectively we will work together to make it happen. In addition, because we value your time, we offer Ministry Life Experience in which we can convert ministerial credentials and years of experience toward credits thus achieving your degree faster. Our flexible schedule and online forum make a college education attainable to all those who want it.
  • Am I too old to attend college, and is it too fast-paced for me?"
    Society would have you believe that education is linear, meaning that by a specific age you should have certain things done and accomplished. The fact is, this is a lie! LPCU believes that anyone should be able to pursue an education regardless of age, gender or upbringing. Our 2017/2018 Valedictorian was 72 years old when she graduated with her Associates Degree. She hadn’t been in school for almost 60 years and yet she graduated top of her class and is pursuing the call of God on her life. Her story has impacted many lives and is a standard for showing that it is never too late to pursue higher education and be effective for God.
  • If I do not want to be a minister can I still attend LPCU?
    Life Point doesn’t create Ministers. We train and educate believers. We develop people in all aspects of faith, family, leadership and the Word to equip them to thrive in this life and to be available and more effective for the kingdom God.
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