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COUNS 401:
Kingdom Principles & Contending for The Faith

Hello Students!

The following video is part of our counseling class. It's a sermon titled, "Kingdom Principles: Contending for The Faith". As future counselors, it's essential to understand not only the theoretical aspects of counseling but also the practical application of biblical principles.

The Kingdom of God, as Jesus taught, is not just an external reality but an internal experience characterized by righteousness, peace, and joy. Understanding this concept is crucial for helping our people find true fulfillment and transformation in their lives.

By exploring this sermon, you will see how biblical truths can be communicated in a way that addresses real-life issues such as dissatisfaction, deception, and temptation. It provides a framework for guiding individuals toward embracing God's principles for a successful and fulfilling life.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to lead others to experience the transformative power of the Kingdom of God in their daily lives.

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